The Spirit of 1776

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fishing today

went fishing with my dad this morning. We did great, got up at 5:00 and drove to Kalama. Put our hooks in the water at 7:30 just a half mile up from the old power plant.
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I caught my fish at probably 8:30, it weighed in at 20 lbs.
And no it did not have 3 eyes.
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my dad caught his at 11:30 and his was 18.5 lbs. You are only allowed to keep one Chinook salmon each so we finished early and came home. The fish were both caught on an Alvin wobbler that was half blue half chrome.

Monday, September 05, 2005

My Tesla Coil

I was going to make a post about my Tesla coil that I built for my senior project today complete with pictures and a good description but I had no time. We had a BBQ with our neighbors and had to clean before it all day. I am going salmon fishing tomorrow with my dad so I don't think I will get it up by then either but I may. The BBQ was very dull and there was no red meat just fish. It was good salmon but I still love steak for a BBQ.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

In the news today...

Chief Justice William Rehnquist Died
After a long battle with thyroid cancer Chief Justice William Rehnquest died today at his home in Arlington. Now there are 2 vacancies in the supreme court that need to be filled. Democrats have been blocking Bush's nominations and causing a ruckus in replacing judges. Hopefully a pro life judge who will do a strict interpretation of the constitution will be put into both open slots so the murder of 3500 babies a day will stop.
Its true, Liberalism can cause blindness!!!
French President Jacques Chirac was hospitalized yesterday because of a minor sight disorder. he is expected to be released in one week.
saddams trial set for October 19
It is time for another tyrant to pay for his crimes against humanity.
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Sic Semper Tyrannis

Friday, September 02, 2005

Went Shooting Today!!!

I got to do some shooting today with my friends. I was finally able to test out my Mauser. It shoots pretty good but i am going to have to get a better set up to truly test the accuracy of the rife. I also went up to Portland to borrow my grandpa's shotgun. He has a 20ga semi, It was fun but i was not used to it at all. the weight is centered differently then the 12ga i shoot clays with. between driving to Portland and back twice and driving to wild cat mountain to shoot in sandy i used up a third of a tank in my car. We didn't have much pistol ammo, the Desert Eagle has both the 50 and 44 mag barrels but the extractor is broken on it. It will still eject the 50AE OK but 90% of the 44 mag rounds would fail to extract. and of course we had about 300 rounds of 44 and 15 of the 50. We also had some .45 but only about 60 rounds. The Yugo SKS has a bad gas valve and cant fire semi. We shot a ton of the P22. It is a .22 handgun modeled after the Walther P99. It is a .22 but it is still fun to shoot and cheap. It is worth a bit more then the Ruger pistols but I would recommend it more because it functions more like a combat pistol and it has a good feel to it. Here are some pictures of shooting and the guns.
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The guns starting top down for handguns are the Sig 220, the IMI Desert Eagle, and the Walther P22. Long arms left to right are New England Arms 12 gauge, Remington 11-47 20 gauge, .22 rifle, my VZ-24 Mauser, and my friends pimped out Yugo SKS.
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In this picture I am holding the P22 and my friend is holding the Desert Eagle. (note we were not shooting for the picture just posing)
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I would highly recommend old Army helmets for pistol and rifle targets, the last a long time, cost a buck, and you know when you hit them because they fly into the air. Needles to say, these helmets did not offer much protection to their users.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some Shooting

I got to shoot a little today. Just a Walther P22 pistol. However on Friday I am going to go up with a large group to Wildcat mountain in Sandy. I will get to bring my Mauser and test that and i am going to borrow my grandpa's Remington 1100 semi auto 20ga.

My Mauser

I got my Mauser a few weeks back at the gun broker for $99. Its a VZ-24, said to be the best series of Mauser's mass produced. It was made in Czechoslovakia in the BRNO factory in 1942 under Nazi occupation. The rifles were made on contract for the Romanian Army, the Romanians at the time being allied with Hitler until 1944 when they changed sides because they didn't want Russia to burn them to the ground.
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The rifle is a bit beat up, but that is to be expected of a rifle that when through such a war. The soldier the used this rifle took good care of it and cleaned it well. The rifling looks pretty good and there is no pitting on the metal. the finish is about 90%. The stock has some dings in it but nothing deep and no cracks. I think I will refinish it sometime in the near future. I have not gotten to shoot it yet but hopefully will before the week ends.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Blog

This is my new blog. I had an old one a year ago but got board with it and quit. This blog will basically be about my life and a few stories and such along the way. Some info about me, I am going to Oregon State next September and majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am going into Air Force ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) on a Scholarship. I like firearms and building odd things. I only have one rifle now, a VZ-24, but that will soon change when i go to college. On this blog you can hear about me building things like tesla coils and me going out shooting.